ACME. Gallery / Los Angeles, CA
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ACME. has been one of Los Angeles’ foremost contemporary art galleries for over a decade and has now expanded into larger quarters.  
In this project we were given the task of making the art itself the most important element of the space. To accomplish this, we focused on such fundamental design elements as proportion, light, volume and materiality. 
Three galleries of different sizes were laid out offering a variety of exhibition spaces. These spaces were laid out creating viewing axis that allow the viewer to experience the work intimately in one gallery, then again from a distance in the same or another gallery. All of the galleries are provided with abundant natural light from skylights and large translucent windows.
 Everyday functional elements were reduced down to a minimum, and many elements served multiple functions. In the office, wood paneling and shelving provides a more domestic, semi private setting for displaying catalogs and small works. A simple suspended bar in that room illuminates a multipurpose table used for meetings, presentations, and extra workspace, while also providing a space for gallery reception dinners. A continuous countertop in the open office serves as a work surface for both the gallery owners and staff, while in the main gallery a discreet large sliding window doubles as an access door for moving over sized artwork in and out of the gallery.

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Photographs by Lucy Gonzales