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The client for this project was a family owned steel fabrication business. The building was constructed in the 1970's and little had changed since then. The problem was the office space was an inefficient layout of corridors and small dark rooms that separated employees from one another, creating obstacles to collaborative work. Further exacerbating space constraints, sets of printers, equipment and files were duplicated throughout the office, and not shared. While the lobby was a fair size, it was rarely used, yet there was no public space for lunches, training or conferences.

The design solution involved consolidating employees in an open office with spatially efficient work stations, allowing those employees to more easily collaborate. Privacy is provided with taller work station panels incorporating a translucent glass section. Employees requiring acoustic privacy are housed in private offices. Abundant daylight is shared between spaces though translucent glass walls. Solatube daylighting devices provide so much overhead natural light to the open office area that no artificial lighting is required during the daytime for that area.

Large photos of the company's fabrication processes provide focal points of this project in the reception and break room areas. The palette of materials incorporates accents of light colored woods and rich blues overlaid on a white background to provide a bright clean space. Gray cabinets, dark carpeting and built in walk off mats address the functional and maintenance needs of this office which is attached to a manufacturing facility.

This renovation also included exterior building improvements. Doors and windows were replaced and unsightly additions were removed cleaning up the exterior. Fixed and rolling metal perforated screens hide mechanical equipment and provide security at the building entrance after hours, while highlighting the building as the offices of a steel fabrication business.

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